Business Center

A modern conference centre with three cutting-edge meeting rooms

The Hotel Punta San Martino has a modern conference centre
and three cutting-edge meeting rooms (Cristoforo Colombo, Santa Maria, Nina-Pinta) hosting up to 250 people in total.
All business areas are modular and their layout can therefore be changed (stalls, horseshoe, or classroom) based on your needs,
always ensuring the maximum comfort for participants.
An exhibition space is also available with an area of nearly 2,153 square feet (200 square meters).
Our hotel is so versatile that you can prepare conferences, business meetings,
gala dinners, presentations and special events in indoor and outdoor spaces which are both comfortable and stylish.
Every hall comes with the following package:
flipchart and screen, sound system, microphones, Wi-Fi internet access, pads and pens, mineral water.
Additionally, you can request a PC projector, technical support, a notebook with MS PowerPoint and a clip-on microphone.