Parco del Beigua
(Mount Beigua Natural Park)

The protected area of the Regional Natural Park of Beigua

Our stylish hotel lies within the Parco Naturale Regionale (Regional Natural Park),
a nature reserve covering an area that spans from the province of Genova to that of Savona,
including Monte Beigua (Mount Beigua) itself.
Established in 1985, its headquarters are in Arenzano.
Its territory stretches from the Colle del Giovo (Giovo Col) to the Passo del Turchino (Turchino Pass),
with streams Teiro, Rio del Foresto, and Stura defining its borders.

Get ready to spot a huge amount of wildlife: martens, wolves, harrier eagles,
buzzards, owls, golden eagles, as well as amphibians such as tree-frogs,
fire salamanders and different varieties of frogs and newts.
Enjoy unique flora too, featuring ilex, downy oak, beech, durmast, and silver fir groves,
as well as the numerous and gorgeous flowers belonging to the so called ‘glacial relicts’.