Whale Watching

An experience not to be missed

One of the outdoor activities that you can do is whale-watching, that is becoming more and more popular.
Have fun while learning in an absolutely magnificent setting just a few miles from the resort.
Even in the body of water before the hotel you can get to know a partly unknown world
that represents the core of the so called Santuario dei Cetacei (Cetaceans’ Sanctuary),
a marine reserve including parts of France, Italy and the Principality of Monaco.
The Sanctuary hosts a significant number of species, such as finners, sperm whales,
dolphins, bottlenoses, striped dolphins, pilot whales, Risso’s dolphins,
Cuvier’s beaked whales, killer whales, rough-toothed dolphins and false killer whales.

The hotel staff will be glad to provide all the information that you need to book your half-day
or full-day tour (leaving from Genoa or Varazze) with the relevant operators.