Unmissable destination

Liguria’s chief town is just a 20 minutes’ drive from our hotel,
but you can also easily get there by train.
You just cannot miss Genoa, a city to explore for a memorable experience.

Start your tour from the local landmark, the Lanterna,
a 384-feet (117-meter) lighthouse originally built around the XII century and still in use, hosting a museum too.
Head to the old town centre, one of Italy’s treasures,
featuring the distinctive carruggi (a word in the local dialect identifying narrow alleys)
and the typical ‘creuze’ (another local term, this time for steep paths).
But there is plenty of other things to see in Genoa:
the awe-inspiring aquarium (the second largest in Europe),
the Strade Nuove (literally, ‘new streets’), the Galata (sea museum),
the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo Cathedral), the Teatro Carlo Felice (Carlo Felice Theatre),
Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini (Durazzo-Pallavicini Mansion), the Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace),
the Palazzo Rosso (Red Palace), Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace),
Palazzo Rolli (Rolli Palace), Palazzo San Giorgio (San Giorgio Palace),
and Palazzo Bianco (White Palace), Piazza De Ferrari (De Ferrari Square),
and many more artistic, scenic and cultural gems.