One of the local beauties not to be missed!

Savona is just miles away from Arenzano.
See its several landmarks, such as the XVI-century Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta
(Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral), featuring a Baroque façade
from the second half of 1800s and a number of Renaissance sculptures inside.
Some of the most interesting ones are a marble crucifix, a 1552 pulpit,
and a number of chapels, among them the Sistine Chapel
(not to be confused with the one of the same name in the Vatican City).
But there are plenty of other crucial points steeped in history,
namely the Palazzo Della Rovere (Della Rovere Palace), Palazzo Delle Piane (Delle Piane Palace),
Palazzo dei Pavoni (Peacock Palace), Palazzo Imperiale (Imperial Palace),
and Villa Cambiaso (Cambiaso Manor). The Palazzo Gavotti (Gavotti Palace),
in the heart of the town centre, hosts a picture-gallery full of international contemporary artworks.
One of Savona’s highlights are its towers, such as the Torre Leon Pancaldo (Leon Pancaldo Tower),
Torre del Brindale (Brindale Tower), Torre Riarso (Riarso Tower), and Torre Corsi (Corsi Tower).
Also worth mentioning are a number of forts (della Madonna degli Angeli, del Monte, and Ciuto),
the Priamar and Sperone Fortresses, as well as the Castello di San Giorgio (San Giorgio Castle).